Thursday, December 2, 2010

Our Advent Tree - Days 1 and 2

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Over the years, we have tried different things as a family to keep our focus on the birth of Christ during the Christmas season. We've used the colored rings, taking off a different Scripture and activity each day during our family devotions. Last year, we decided to make an Advent Tree. We had our activities on strips of paper to take off each day. This year, we've decided to switch it up again. Instead of taking strips off our tree each day, we are adding to our tree each day.

Many of my ideas came from It's OK to be Weird, The ADVENTure of Christmas, and some files that I received from my mom. I like the idea of heart reminders each day. I used many of the same ones found on It's OK to be Weird, but I changed some things around. I also made up my own cards to add to our tree. These cards are my first ever sure to check them out! The cards all have numbers (1-25) on the back. They draw a card off of our bulletin board each day and add it to our tree. Then, for the rest of the day, we focus on that symbol/verse/story. The culmination of that symbol is at our family devotions around the Christmas tree each evening.
Here is a look at our tree after two days.

Day 1:

Symbol: Heart
Reason: God Loves Us
Verse: John 3:16

We started the day off with making heart pancakes. I couldn't find our heart cookie cutter, so they didn't turn out so well. The kids still enjoyed it!

Craft: We made this Heart Christmas tree found at Danielle's Place.

During Lexy's School time, I added some heart activities to her workboxes. These included:

1. Fine Motor: Drawing and Cutting out hearts. I showed her how to fold the paper in half to make a heart. We talked about symmetry.

2. Heart M&M Addition from ChildcareLand

Day 2 -

Symbol: Apple
Verse- Genesis 3
Reason - Jesus Needed to Come

We read and talked about the story of Adam and Eve and what sin is.


Fingerprint Apple Tree from Hubbard's Cupboard

Workboxes included:

1. Apple Math from Hubbard's Cupboard
2. Apple Sequencing Cards (Review)
3. Apple Number Ordering

And, of course, we had to have apple slices for snacks!

To see our advent activities from last year, read this post.

I hope everyone enjoys this Christmas season!


Anonymous said...

Great ideas! I love that type of tree! Thanks for sharing!

RockerMom said...

I love the Advent Tree. I would love to do something similar next year!! Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

What a great Advent tree and themed activities!! We are doing something real basic this year but I am going to have to up my plans for next year when Sammy can understand that much more!

Homeschooling Momtographer said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! You will love HOD! :) Our kiddos are only a few days apart. My little one was born 3/29. :)


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