Tuesday, November 23, 2010

What's in the Box - Preschool Workboxes

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We've been learning about Thanksgiving this week. I'll post more about our Thanksgiving unit later this week, but here is a look into Lexy's workboxes for the week. I didn't get many action pictures. She wasn't in the mood for her picture to be taken.

Writing/Language Arts

I printed this sheet off from childcare land. Lexy is going to use it to write what she is thankful for.
Fine Motor/Language Arts

Lexy and Josiah each made there own set of turkey stick puppets after hearing the poem, "5 Little Turkeys." The printables also came from childcare land. After making and numbering their puppets, they used them to make their own puppet shows for me.


We are still working on counting/number recognition to 100 with Lexy. She counts well up to 50 and then sometimes gets lost. She can count by 10s to 100 pretty well, so I think she could count to 100 if she really wanted to. However, I really like the "Uncle Wiggily Game" for counting to 100. It's a fun for her to practice the numbers without it seeming like a drill.


I printed off this concentration game last year. It has pictures of Thanksgiving symbols: cornucopia, turkey, mayflower, pumpkin pie, squash, pilgrims. We had fun playing concentration and talking about what the different symbols represent.

A friend let me borrow this handwriting books. Most of our nomral handwriting practice is done in her Explode the Code books or just everyday use. This book has been an "extra" that has been lots of fun for her. She practices writing the letters on the dry erase board. It also has puzzles to put together for each letter and letter tiles to make words that start with each letter.


Josiah got in on the action for Lexy's cooking project. We made cut-out sugar cookies shaped like turkeys. Then the frosted them brown. It was a messy project!


Our Bible story this week is from Matthew 19, "Jesus loves the Children." Lexy's workbox contains cardboard figures of children. We will decorate them with fabric, markers, googly eyes, yarn, etc. to turn them into children. Then, we'll string them together to for a "Jesus Loves the Children" banner.


Lexy practiced her CVC and two letter words on these turkey cards also printed from childcare land. I would say a word, and she would make the word out of wooden letters.

I put this castle game from "Happy Phonics" in to review vowel sounds. This is one of Lexy's favorite Happy Phonics games.
To find out more about our Workbox System read this post.

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