Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The 7th Day of Easter

We picked back up with more Easter activities today. Our symbol from the egg today was the spear. Alex read the story from the Bible. Our book to add to the basket was "Fancy Nancy's Elegant Easter." They also watched Veggie Tales Easter Carol. I was suprised that there was a part of this movie that Lexy wanted me to skip because it was "too scary." She is very sensitive when it comes to watching movies.
I downloaded a lot of Easter activities from Home Grown Hearts. This blog is full of resources! Josiah matched the colored eggs to the correct colored basket. Unfortunately, I didn't get a picture. This was the first time he was interested in matching colors. I was beginning to wonder if he was color blind. Today, he did it easily. Yeah! Here are some other activities that we did this afternoon.

Lexy practiced patterns using the ABC egg patterns.

Lexy practiced writing her numbers using the Easter Number Handwriting Practice.

Lexy reviewed numbers by playing this game. She drew a number and placed the correct number of eggs in the basket.

Alexis and Josiah each attend a library class on Tuesday nights. This week, both classes focused on Easter activities.
They created Easter bonnets out of paper plates as a craft for the storytime.

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