Thursday, March 25, 2010

2nd Day of Easter AND Lexy's Birthday

Our 2nd day of Easter was shared today with Lexy's 4th Birthday! We did a few Easter activities, but also had fun celebrating her birthday as a family. I can't believe that my baby is four! She will have her "baby doll party" this Saturday and is very excited. Check back for pictures!

We started our morning with our Resurrection Eggs. We reviewed the palm branch ornament and then hung the cup ornament. We read and talked about the last supper.

Next, the children painted some Easter decorations to hang. Once again, Josiah lasted only a few minutes before he was done painting. I've never met a child that didn't enjoy painting until him. He did enjoy dumping his water cup out twice during his 5 minutes of painting. Lexy, my little artist, worked contently for at least half an hour.

Book Basket: Our book today was "The Easter Story" by Patricia A. Pingry. I thought this was a good book for sharing about Jesus' life, God's love, and Jesus' death and resurrection. It was simple enough for a preschooler to grasp.

Easter Movie: I let them pick an Easter movie to watch today. They picked Easter with Max and Ruby.

The rest of the day was full. Lexy took some treats to her ballet class to celebrate her birthday. Then we had lunch at Daddy's work. Mama and Papa came over for cake and ice cream in the evening. She is very excited about being four...a little more excited than I am about it. She was really excited about her two new Madeline movies that Mama and Papa got for her. She will open her gifts from us at her party on Saturday.

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Susana said...

I can't believe all that you are doing for Easter-this is great! Do you have a whole week's worth of activities planned?

Raising a Happy Child said...

Happy birthday to Lexi - it looks like you have a lot of fun planned for the next 2 weeks.

Mandy said...

Thanks. I have quite a few things planned to do, but I also am becoming an expert at planning the night before when I'm low on activities.

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