Thursday, April 1, 2010

Days 8-9 of Easter

Josiah came down with some kind of bug and ran a fever for a few days. So, our Easter plans didn't go exaclty as planned, but we managed to get some things done.

Resurrection Eggs: We focused on the cross and the dice.

Lexy helped to make Easter cookies.

I taught Lexy's Rainbow class at church. For a craft, we painted tin foil eggs.

Lexy's finished egg. She didn't want to make designs in the paint.
We kept things fairly simple and just colored a cross. I was suprised that Josiah willingly sat for about 10 minutes and colored. While coloring, Lexy said, "I'm not going to draw Jesus on the cross cause I'm going to show this to Him when we go to heaven on Tuesday."

Notice in the following picture that Lexy's grip is finally improving!


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