Friday, April 2, 2010

Kid Quotes of the Week

Everyone always tells me that I need to write down the cute and funny things that my kids say so that I won't forget them. I've done this sporadically on pieces of paper stuck here and there, but most of those cute sayings have been lost or forgotten. It makes sense, now, to use this blog as a place for all of these sayings. Better late than never. Most of the sayings for now will come from Lexy, but I'm sure Josiah will have some to add soon.

Here are some Lexy Quotes of the Week:

1. When coloring a cross for an Easter activity she said, "I don't want to draw Jesus on the cross, because I'm going to give this to Him when we go to Heaven on Tuesday."

2. While in a very grateful mood at dinner one night she said, "Thank you SO much for my corn Mommy. It tastes just like CORN!" I wasn't sure how to take this. Apparently, the corn I fix does not always taste like corn???

3. A precious prayer before bed: "Jesus, Thank you for dying on the cross for us because you love us. That was a really nice thing to do."

More quotes to come in the weeks to come...


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