Monday, April 5, 2010

Days 9-12 of Easter

I haven't been updating about our Easter activities over the last few days, but we've still been celebrating. Each day, we continued with our resurrection eggs by reviewing previous ones and adding a new one to our tree.

Here's a picture of Josiah praying after our devotion time...Precious!We went to an Easter egg hunt at a local church on Saturday. Of course, after having beautiful weather all week, it decided to start raining just as they went out to hunt eggs!

They both won the prize baskets for their age groups! I was somewhat suprised because they both tend to be observers and a little on the poky side. They were proud!

One day, we colored and decorated eggs. Josiah enjoyed putting stickers on the eggs and dumping the bowls of colored water the best. Lexy sat for a long time to work and wanted more eggs when they were finished.

On one day, they made Easter cards for some family and friends. They used their thumbprints to make bunnies. Lexy drew her own bunnies. I drew Josiah's for him. On the outside the cards read "Some Bunnies love you." On the inside they read "Happy Easter." Lexy signed her own name. She insists on signing "Lexy" now instead of "Alexis." Here's a poor picture of the cards:

On Easter morning, Lexy woke up sick. She still managed to get in on some of the Easter festivities throughout the day. We started the morning with making Resurrection Rolls. We found this idea last year at Hubbard's Cupboard. They placed a marshmallow inside of a crescent roll. Then we rolled the crescent rolls tightly to form a tomb. After baking, when we opened up the rolls, the marshmallow was gone!

Josiah looked back and forth from the dough to his marshamallow trying to decide if he wanted to help. He made his choice...

We set guards in front of the tomb to keep watch.

As we waited for our Resurrection Rolls to cook, they opened their Easter baskets. All Josiah really cared about was the candy. I finally took the stuff out of his basket so that he would look at it. His favorite (apart from the candy) was his Handy Manny ball. Lexy liked her new zhu zhu hamster and her dot-to-dot book.

After church, we went to Mama and Papa's house where we took pictures, had Easter dinner, colored eggs, had our annual egg hunt and lots of fun!

The kids enjoyed looking through their Easter basket from Mama and Papa. Notice that a normal sized basket would not do. A laundry basket was required! This must be why Lexy always wants to know why Mama and Papa spoil her so much...but I don't think she minds!
We dyed and decorated some hard-boiled eggs for the egg hunt.

Before crashing on the couch for the rest of the day, Lexy joined in the egg hunt.

Josiah found an egg in the garden plot!

While hunting for Easter eggs, my oh-so-kind brother found a toad in the pond and dropped it down my shirt. It was so nice that everyone stood back to laugh and take pictures. Finally, my cousin came to the rescue!

Josiah enjoyed blowing bubbles in the backyard. He was blowing so hard that I'm suprised he didn't faint!
Every year, our family hosts a gingerbread house competition between the boys and girls on the day of our family Christmas. Due to sickness on the day of our family Christmas, we were unable to do the gingerbread houses. So, we moved the competition to Easter. This is the winning (girls!) Easter cottage!

We had a lot of fun celebrating Easter this year. Through the use of the Resurrection eggs, the books we read, and our discussions, I really feel that Lexy is understanding the love of Jesus more deeply.


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