Friday, April 9, 2010

A Spring Scavenger Hunt

I found this Scavenger Hunt idea at Refined Metals Academy. I originally intended to do it as an Easter Hunt; however, Lexy was sick on Easter and didn't feel like doing much. So, we turned it into a Spring Scavenger Hunt instead.

Here they are ready for the hunt. They each had their own camera to take pictures. Josiah's didn't work, but that didn't matter. He was more interested in eating his snacks.

For the most part, Lexy found the following items on her own. When it came to beginning sounds, she had a hard time finding them. She was able to think of things that started with each letter, but unfortunately we didn't have "igloos" and such in our neighborhood. For some of them, I would give her some hints to help. Some of the findings, are not very Springy; but, considering we were in a neighborhood and not a forest, I think she did well!






Oval - The water spicket

Scented - Not the scent I was hoping for


Smooth -The water meter wouldn't have been my choice for smooth, but it worked.


Bendy - She thought the limbs on the tree looked bendy.

Sticky - Lexy thought Josiah looked sticky eating his snack. I agreed.


The original Scavenger Hunt said to find things that began with E,A,S,T,E,R. However, since we did this after Easter, I changed it to S,P,R,I,N,G.

S - S is for Sun

P - P is for Purple flower.

R - R is for Red leaves.

I - She couldn't find an igloo, so this had to work.

N - N is for Nest

G - G is for garage.

We had a lot of fun with this scavenger hunt, and I hope to try some more of these soon. When we had found everything, I had Lexy look and listen for signs of spring. She said she saw "flowers on the trees, green grass, flowers, and leaves on the trees." She heard birds. I was hoping that she would also hear the sound of a lawn mower, but unfortunatley, not many people mow their grass before noon on a weekday.

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Ticia said...

What a great hunt! Sorry I'm slow getting over here to check it out. I sometimes miss links, but now I'm following you so I won't miss your posts!

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