Monday, March 15, 2010

Handprint St. Patrick's Day Craft

I just thought I'd share a cute St. Patrick's Day craft idea. This past Christmas, our family put together a handprint calendar to give to grandparents. We each had a role. I came up with the ideas. The kids did the handprints, and dh was responsible for making it all look nice. Anyways, our March handprint was a little leprechaun that turned out really cute.

Instructions: Use green paint on the thumb and bottom part of the hand (as the hat). Next put a little stripe of orange paint as the bottom of the hat. Then use pink as the face in the center of the hand. Lastly, paint the fingers orange as the beard.

I was not able to do this with my one year old. He moved his hands around too much and mixed the paint up. My three year old did just fine...and probably would've done fine with it as a one year old.

The poem reads:

I'm a little leprechaun.

Can't you see?

I'm as tiny s I can be.

I only come around

Just once a year.

That's when

St. Patrick's Day is here.

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