Thursday, March 11, 2010

Our School Room

I really enjoy reading posts and seeing pictures of the areas that other moms set up for their homeschool. Although I really don't think that it is necessary to have a seperate school room in order to homeschool, I have enjoyed setting one up for us. I guess that is the former teacher in me. Sometimes I still miss the classroom setting.

At this stage, we do the majority of our learning through play and "teachable moments." Messy projects are usually done at the kitchen table or on a tarp on the kitchen floor. But, we also do have a room set apart for preschool. I tried to create center areas around the room. We have an area for art, quiet reading, math, sensory, and writing. We do not do much "formal" schooling. I just have activities/materials in each area and they choose them as they want. When I do have activities planned, sometimes we'll use the circle table in the middle of the room.

This is the art area. It is stocked with lots of materials: glitter, paper, stickers, stamps, pipe cleaners, popsicle sticks, feathers, gems, etc. This is where Lexy likes to spend the majority of her time.

My dad made this sensory table for us. They love it! I try to switch it up every little bit. Their favorite was multi-colored pom poms with icecream scoops, dishes and cones.

Whiteboard, felt board and calendar. We've stopped using the big calendar for now and have switched to a daily binder.

This is the area we have set up with different math games and manipulatives.

This is the quiet reading area. We put the "Big Backyard" and "High Five" magazines on the magazine rack and fill the basket with books.

This is the writing/alphabet area. I try to put different mediums to write with and different types of notebooks on the desk. On the shelves are alphabet games/puzzles, etc. The large bulletin board still needs to be filled. It's been on my to do list since August.

Our playroom is attached to the school room. They wander back and forth between the two. I should've cleaned it up before taking the picture :) We're still needing blinds on the windows. We used chalkboard paint on the bottom half on one wall. We're planning on hanging a "clothesline" on the top of that wall to pin up the kids' artwork.

I didn't have much to post about our Letter X week. It wasn't too exciting. So, this seemed like the perfect week to do a post on our room. To see what others are up to with their preschoolers, check out the Preschool Corner. I hope to see some posts soon on other homeschool rooms!


Debbie said...

Such a nice teaching area! I would love to have a place set aside just for a schooling area, while I don't think it's needed, it would make life a lot easier then everything at the dining room table!

Jolanthe said...

You have a GREAT teaching area!! {slightly jealous}. While we have our area in our dining room area...I sometimes wish we had a separate area...sigh. :)

Natalie PlanetSmarty said...

I am also jealous of all the space. Our teaching area is mostly the kitchen table in our dine-in kitchen. You have a great setup for your kids.

Brandie said...

Love your space! Ours is mostly done at the Kitchen, but I have a formal dining room that currently houses one bookshelf and all our books and puzzles...I think I'm going to have to make a space!

Jo Shabo said...

Oh my gosh your classroom is awesome! I LOVE how you set it up! I am a former teacher turned stay at home mommy too and I definitely like having a teaching space- I think it gives my little ones and myself more focus!
Thanks for stopping by my blog- yours is great too!

kewkew said...

Wow, I love the way you have your room organized. I also get to use my dining room table for lesson time, though we do have a small play room that I am trying to organize.

Unknown said...

Love your playroom and school room! I wish I had that much space. Our dinning room is our school room/playroom. I hope to move all their toys in their room and make the playroom the school room this summer. Oh, and I love your centers...I will defiantly have to do that! Thanks for sharing.

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