Sunday, February 28, 2010

N is for Nativity - Christmas Fun

For some reason my crazy computer is not letting me upload any more photos. So, once my wonderful husband figures out why and fixes it for me, I'll go back and add the photos where they're missing.

We've backed off from a lot of our normal preschool activities this week and focused on celebrating Christmas. We still got our letter for the week in. We focused on N for Nativity. Alexis still completed her alphabet page for her book and worked on words that start with N. Here's a snapshot of some of the fun we had.

We covered our train table with a blanket and set nativity scenes on it for the kids to play with. They've spent HOURS standing at the table playing. They really enjoy the little bit of straw I added to it. A little bit of a mess is worth the hours of entertainment it has brought them. I've even seen a few visitors at the nativity.


We are making some homemade gifts for a lot of our extended family this year. Each of us has a different job to do. The kids worked on their portion a lot this week. I can't post specific pictures or descriptions until after next week because of all the family that reads the blog. Once our family Christmas party is over, I'll give details!

We hosted a Christmas playgroup at our house for my MOPS small group. The kids made a jingle bell craft and then used them to ring while we sang songs. One mom brought a Christmas story to read to the kids. They did a lot of playing and then had lunch together. Afterwards, they each got to decorate a cookie to eat. Lots of fun!

We had our first snowfall for the season. Actually, it was barely a dusting, but the kids were still excited about it. So we bundled all up and headed outside to play in the dust. They LOVED going down the slide with snow on it. I had to work really hard to come up with more snow each time to put on it. We even managed to build our own minature snowman.

Life School: Alexis was a huge help around the house this week. Cleaning the kitchen is up at the top of her list of exciting things to do. So, I'm taking advantage of this while it lasts. She helps me wash the dishes and then sweeps all the crumbs from the floor into a pile. She also takes a wet cloth to wipe up any spots that she sees. She also helped with laundry, cooking and dusting. She says, "I'm a worker, Mommy! What can I do next?" I hope she's still saying this in 10 years!

Advent activities: We've continued with our family time together in the evening. Lately, Josiah has been staying through the Bible reading, songs, and story. Then he heads to bed while Lexy works with one of us on her craft/activity. Next week there will be some activities that he'll get included in making wrapping paper, caroling, etc.

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