Sunday, February 28, 2010

Letter M

Although we had a fairly productive week, I don't have many pictures to show for it. I think that Lexy may be getting a little tired of me taking her picture all of the time. So, I've eased up a least for this week. This week, we've all had our share of m&ms! As a family, we managed to finish off a 42 ounce bag pretty easily (I think I was a good help).

BIBLE: M is for Mouth - The mouth of the fish swallowed Jonah. We read from the Children's Bible in the mornings and talked about the story. One evening, we turned out the lights and pretended to be in the belly of a fish. I opened a can of tuna. We talked about what it would look, feel and smell like inside the belly of a fish.

M is for Marshmallows!


M is for M&M's!

I found several fun ideas at this site. It has the links to the activities.

We graphed M&M's and talked about most and least.

We played the Fall M&M game too. Technically, it is still Fall. There is no snow yet, so I thought I could get away with it. Lexy really enjoyed this game...It was simple, but fun.

M is for Mail: I really wish I had taken a picture of this. Maybe I will later and add it in. Together, we made a mailbox out of a shoebox. She had a lot of fun writing letters to people, putting them in the mailbox, and lifting up the flag. Josiah was supposed to be the postman, but he is slacking on the job. When Lexy put the letters in the envelopes, we talked about where the sending address, return address, and stamp go. we reviewed her address. She designed stamps for some of the envelopes and used stickers that looked like stamps for the others.

Other: We also played with the Magnadoole and had fun Marching around the house.

Advent Activities: We began our advent activities this week. Each night Lexy takes the strip off of our Advent Tree. We sit by the Christmas tree in place of our normal Snack/Bible time. After reading our Scripture, singing a few carols, reading the Christmas book and praying, we do a Christmas activity. So far, we have set up the nativity, made an 2 angel crafts, and made a whispering tube. Lexy asks all day long if it is time for our Christmas activity.


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