Sunday, February 28, 2010

Long Overdue - Christmas "Break"

During the holidays, we took a break from our normal routine to focus on celebrating Christmas. There was still plenty of learning going on in the midst of all our fun. We continued with our Advent activities each evening. We enjoyed doing this and will repeat it again in the years to come. Here are some other highlights:

Lexy had her first mini music recital for the music class she has been attending. She was proud of herself.


We went to Christmas at the Zoo. They enjoyed looking at the lights, decorating a Christmas cookie, and petting the sharks!


Both Lexy and Josiah were in the Nativity for the Christmas play at church. Lexy was an angel. Josiah was a dog. Lexy also played Silent Night in the preschool handbells group. Unfortunately, I do not have a good picture of it. Hopefully, Grandma and Grandpa do.


We did LOTS and LOTS of baking! Both kids enjoyed helping in the kitchen.


We made a couple of differnt kinds of homemade ornaments. This is a picture of them decorating the salt dough ornaments.


We read many Christmas stories. Here is Lexy reading to Joisah.


On Christmas Eve day, we went to Jolly Days at the Children's Museum.


On Christmas Eve, we went to the Christmas Eve service with Alex's family. No, we didn't take the kids in their pajamas. This was taken right before we left. We changed them into their pajamas in hopes that they would fall asleep on the way home...It worked!


Lexy made a Birthday cake for Jesus with Grandma.


I just had to add it, because it is so cute. I think he liked Christmas Day, and I love that smile!


What a great end to a great year. I'm looking forward to more great memories in 2010!


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