Sunday, February 28, 2010

A Fun-Filled Week

We've had a busy and fun week. Being eager to get through the alphabet, I went ahead with Letter T plans and squeezed in some Valentine fun too. To see what others have been up to, be sure to check out the Preschool Corner!


We started our week with another trip to the Children's Museum. It was opening day for the Bob the Builder exhibit. With the major snow storm that had just come through, it ended up being a great day to be there. Only TRUE Bob fans would sludge their way through that mess to be there! We had one very happy little boy. There were no crowds to deal with and he was able to get all the Bob he wanted.





Letter T

Eventhough Lexy already knows all of the letters and sounds, we're continuing on with our journey through the alphabet. She still enjoys the themed activities and is always asking to do them. We primarily focused on teeth for letter t.

We talked about ways to take care of our teeth. Maybe I'm a horrible mom, but I've never flossed my kids' teeth. She sometimes watches me floss and plays with it, but I've never taken the time to do it with her. So, "teeth week" seemed like the perfect time. We all brushed and flossed together. Lexy really doesn't like me to help her with anything. Miss independent wants to do everything on her own, but flossing was pretty difficult for her. I finally convinced her to let me help her do it. Then, they smiled to show off there beautiful teeth!


They painted teeth with toothbrushes. This was a big hit. Even Josiah sat for a while to paint. Our printer ran out of ink, so I had to freehand the teeth. I'm a horrible artist, but they didn't seem to care.


Lexy also looked through the grocery ads to cut out things that were good for her teeth and bad for her teeth. Then she made collages for the two groups.


Random...She made a turtle placemat using foam pieces. This was actually a project from MOPS that we didn't have time to do, so I let her do it at home as a T activity.


We had a teddy bear "T"ea party. I had great plans of doing this with all T themed foods, but Josiah vomited all over the place right beforehand (the reason for the no clothes) and through things a little off. Therefore, I just put some stuff together quickly.



Our story this week was the Good Samaritan. Daddy had them act it out, color a picture, and do a craft. We still have to see what else he has up his sleeve for the rest of the weekend. We also talked about ways that we can take time to help others.


Not much to writh about here, other than we worked with our Hot Dots Pen this week. This is a great way for me to see what she knows without it feeling like a test to her. I plan on getting some more packs to go with the pen. We have reading comprehension and several phonics, but I'd like to get some Math.


I was very excited to find a US map at the dollar store. We've continued working on identifying some States. I decided to get out the US and World Map puzzles that we have. I wasn't sure how she would like them, because I expected them to be pretty difficult for her. However, she REALLY liked them. The US puzzle has pictures on each state. For example, our state has a picture of a race car. She would ask about different ones. "Why does Wisconsin have cheese on it?" It was a great geography lesson. She also liked the world one and knew right where to put Europe, because she saw the picture of the Eiffle tower on it.


Valentine Activities

I usually try to plan some cute, creative Valentine for us to do together, but this year I just really didn't feel very inspired. I just supplied the materials and let her do her own thing. She wanted to make bead hearts for her friends. She needed help forming them into hearts. Then we attached a sucker to them. She also cut out a few hearts and decorated them with stickers. She painted some wooden hearts to give to family and teachers. She also made a heart butterfly for Daddy.


We hosted a Valentine's playdate for our caregroup from MOPS, but I didn't get any pictures.

Lexy is eager to make our red velvet cake. Each year since she's been born, she has helped Daddy bake a cake on Valentine's Day. Only 2 days to go!

SuperBowl Party

Lexy had lots of fun in the kitchen with Grandma getting ready for the SuperBowl party. She helped make the meal and then helped me to make some cookies. Here's a family picture BEFORE the game. It's a good thing we took the picture beforehand, because our faces were much more downcast afterwards!



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