Sunday, February 28, 2010

A Whole Lot of Nothing

Well, there is not much to report on this week. BOTH kids were sick ALL week! This was letter U week. On Monday, before things got too bad, we did talk about U is for Us (our family). We sat down to draw family portraits; however, Lexy was way more into drawing pictures of her friends. We looked through a book that had different pictures of families in it and talked about how each family is different (size, skin color, etc.). We also did our First Steps to reading book for the letter U. Afterwards, I showed Lexy how to draw an umbrella. She drew her own and then decorated it.

But, for the most part, this is what we did...


We did manage to do a lot of reading. Lexy is really enjoying her "My First Little House" books. I love reading these with her because they spark a lot of questions. I was explaining that they didn't have cars, tvs, electronics, etc. back then. She was very concerned and asked, "How are they going to know if it is going to snow if they can't turn on the weather channel." I highly recommend these books!

Another big highlight of this week...Josiah turned two! This was at the end of the week, so we finally were at least well enough to go out to eat to celebrate. He will be having a party on Sunday...check back for pictures in a few days!


She LOVES celebrating birthdays!
She LOVES celebrating birthdays!

That pretty much covers it...hopefully, all will be well next week and we'll have a more productive week. I have to say, that Mommy did enjoy a little extra time to myself this week with all the naps happening!

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