Sunday, February 28, 2010

S is for Snow...Sorta

Well, we sorta-kinda had a snow-themed week. There are some weeks that Alexis is really into planned activities, and other weeks that she is not. This was an "other" week. I'm okay with that. Besides that, I'm SO over snow. I would much rather S be for Spring, but apparently we still have 6 more weeks.

Snow Crafts

We made a melted snowman and then watched Frosty the Snowman. It turned out really cute, and Alexis really enjoyed being able to use so much glue. Usually, I'm telling her to use it sparingly.

We made a snowman out of cottonballs, construction paper and various other supplies at her art table.


We did some Snow-themed writing practice thanks to Confessions of a Homeschooler


We read lots of books each day. However, we still plan to do a Snowy Day lapbook this weekend. Homeschool Share has one already ready to print based on the book.


Build a Snowman and a roll a snowman game that we did using a homemade felt snowman set.

We also played a game of War with cards. This is the first time I attempted this game with Lexy. She really enjoyed it. I took out all of the face cards and Aces. This was great for practicing more than/less than. I tried to use different terms (more, less, greater, fewer, etc.) as we were playing. We finished one hand. A whole game would be a little long for her attention span.

Snow storm on the way!!!

The kids are anxiously awaiting the snow strom that is coming Friday and Saturday. It will make a great end to our Snow Week. I'm thankful that it will happen on the weekend and Daddy can go out and play with them! He's already promised to take them sledding and build a snowman with them...both great Daddy activities! I like staying indoors and making the hot chocolate for them!


The Parable of the Sower. Again, Alex did a great job with the planning this week. The kids planted their own popcorn seeds and are anxiously awaiting their popcorn plant to grow! He also did severl craft type activities to go along with the story. I'm looking forward to seeing what he has planned the rest of the week!

A fun idea that we didn't get to...

I had planned on making a big block of ice with little things frozen in it ( I forget where I saw this idea). The kids were going to chip away at it and use magnifying glasses to observe.


Lexy is still very interested in France. She asks questions and uses a few French words. She is still awaiting her trip to Paris to visit Madeline. I would like a few preschool-friendly books on the Eiffle Tower and France but haven't found any yet.

Physical Education

I've been feeling very confined indoors lately. I can't hardly wait until we can get out for walks and ride bikes again. In need of some exercise, I found an old Elmocize video that we'd never tried. After dinner one night, we all "Elmocized" together! I wasn't very impressed with the video, but we still had fun, and it inspired me to look into other kid-friendly exercise videos while we await warm weather.

Lexy has also been enjoying her bouncy ball and trampoline!


Daily Binder

We started a new month (obviously) in our binder. We looked at our January weather chart. It was a little depressing to see that we only had 2 sunny days in January. We've continued with our morning devotion along with our binder routine. It was encouraging to have Lexy asking quesitons about the devotions this week.


We enjoyed a day at the Children's Museum. We renewed our membership, so hopefully we'll be spending a lot more time here.


Planting his garden
Planting his garden

She got to design and create her own Barbie dress (with some help). She was proud of her creation.
She got to design and create her own Barbie dress (with some help).  She was proud of her creation.

Our library classes also started up again this week. This week, they did stories and activities around Groundhog's Day. I was thankful for this since I didn't plan or discuss it at all with them! They always have a great time in their classes!

Lexy's music class also started back up after a long break for Christmas/New Year's. It was fun to be back and to meet new kids in the class.

So, eventhough we didn't get everthing done that I had hoped and planned, we still had a fun week!

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