Saturday, June 11, 2011

Learning With Josiah

Josiah has finished his first week of Pre-K3! We’ve had a lot of fun learning with friends. I am doing a combination of preschool/tot school a few days a week with some of Josiah’s little buddies.

For our curriculum, I am using a combination of ideas found on Totally Tots, RRSP, Letter of the Week, various other websites, and my own ideas. We are doing a letter each week with activities, songs, and a memory verse.

Letter: L

Memory Verse: Matthew 5:16

Shape: Circle

Color: Yellow

Number: 1

Our Learning Board

Learning Board 001

Each day, we start our preschool day at our Learning Board. The three colored papers at the top are pieces of construction paper the I laminated with velcro dots at the top. They are for our Shape, Number and Sight Words for the week. Also included is our memory verse, song, and application for the week. The little colored pockets are for our props. These all come from RRSP.

Letter Craft

jan-jun2011 746

L is for Llama

Sensory Tub

jan-jun2011 754

I filled our Sensory Tub with LOTS of circles (left from Lexy’s Polka-Dot Party) and pom poms.

jan-jun2011 757

The idea, besides just having fun, was to use the tongs to pull out the YELLOW CIRCLES. We also talked about the different sizes and textures of the circles.


In the preschool workboxes, I put 9 different activities that the children can choose to do sometime throughout the week.

jan-jun2011 736

Letter L Roads from Making Learning Fun:

jan-jun2011 749

Ladybug Shape Match Puzzles from Confessions of a Homeschooler:

jan-jun2011 740

Lollipop Letter Sorting (COAH)

jan-jun2011 851

Build a Letter L (Handwriting without Tears)

jan-jun2011 748

Letter L Lacing from Home Grown Hearts – sorry no picture

Letter L Corkboard Punch

jan-jun2011 747

Odd Olly/Even Elly – Kindergarten

jan-jun2011 860

Lexy and I played this game to work on Odd and Even Numbers

Lollipop Counting from Home Grown Hearts:

jan-jun2011 856

Letter L Do-A-Dots

jan-jun2011 742


1. Llama Misses Mama

2. 10 Ladybugs

3. Tawny Scrawny Lion

4. My Letter L book

5. I See (Sight word book that we would read each day)

6. The Big Red Lollipop

Other Activities:

London Bridges – sorry no pictures

Making and Tasting Lemonade

jan-jun2011 841

jan-jun2011 842

jan-jun2011 846

jan-jun2011 845

Visiting a Llama Farm – pending

Starfall – Josiah had a lot of fun learning about the letter L on Starfall.

Memory Verse Craft – Candle for Light

Song – This Little Light of Mine

Letter L Fun Family Night: Movie and Lollipops!

jan-jun2011 865

My favorite picture of the week – Lexy reading to her “Little Bub.”

jan-jun2011 864

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Stefanie said...

Fun week!!! Love the odd/even activity.

Just popping in from tot school.

Anonymous said...

Popping in from Totschool. Great week :) Greetings from Sunny, but freezing, South Africa. Momma Jo

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