Friday, May 6, 2011

Kindergarten– LHFHG UNIT 4

FOCUS: Jacob’s Family in Egypt

Memory Verse: Proverbs 3:5-6

Heart of Dakota’s daily plans are divided into 2 parts: “Learning Through History” and “Learning the Basics.” We typically do the “Learning through History” portions together in the evenings as part of our family devotion time. All the activities focus on the Bible story for the day. This way, Josiah is also able to participate and learn. Lexy and I do the “Learning the Basics” together in the afternoons while Josiah is sleeping.

Learning through History

After reading about Joseph’s brothers selling him into slavery, Lexy and Josiah made Egyptian collars.

They also had fun acting out the story of Moses’ Mother hiding him in a basket.

(trying to locate pictures)

We also made looking lenses to act out Miriam watching over baby Moses.

May62011 010

May62011 013

One day, we read about the burning bush. Lexy made a picture of things that plants need to survive.

May62011 071

We also spent time each day reviewing the memory verse.

Learning the Basics


We had been working through Reading Made Easy. However, my cd with the lessons has gone missing. So, in the meantime, we have been reviewing word families and working on sight words. You can read more about our recent reading activities in this post: Lexy’s Journey Into Reading.

May62011 067


We are still reading “The Adventures of Reddy Fox.” Lexy looks forward to finding out what happens to each of the animals in the Green Forest each day.

One day she wrote a warning to Grandfather Frog. She mailed it to the Green Forest in her play mailbox.

May62011 020


We’re continuing to work through Singapore Earlybird Math. It’s been a great review of the basics.


Along with the activities listed in the guide, we have had LOTS of fun learning about clouds this week. You can read more about it in my post: Fun with Clouds.

May62011 063

We’ve had a fun week! I’m looking forward to seeing what everyone else has been up to!

Preschool Corner and 5K too!


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