Sunday, April 3, 2011

LHFHG - Kindergarten Unit 2

I'm a little late in updating on our 2nd Kindergarten Unit. Alex and I had a wonderful time attending the Midwest Homeschool Convention. I came back refresed, excited, and challenged...more to come on that in another post (hopefully). Focus: The People Sin This week our Bible/History focus covered Cain and Abel, Noah's Ark and the Tower of Bible. Science and Art activities are also centered around the Bible theme. The whole family enjoyed making the art project this week. We colored a piece of paper and then covered the colors with black. Next, we used a key to scratch heart designs in the paper. The idea behind this is that God knows our thoughtss. He sees how we feel on the inside, just like he knew what was in Cain's heart.
We are continuing to enjoy Singapore Math. Although, it is all review right now. Her number formation is improving greatly. I am so thankful for all the extra ideas added into the Heart of Dakota guide!

For one of our science activities this week, the children and I made boats out of aluminum foil. We then placed them in the bathtub to see how many bear counters they would hold. Lexy's boat held 34. Mine held 32. Josiah's, well we will never know...he wasn't quite patient enough.

We also decided to make a picture book of "Our Tree Through the Year." Once a month, we will take a picture of our tree and see how it changes. We'll also see how the children grow through the year as they stand in front of the tree. April 3, our tree has little white blooms on it.

Dramatic play: While building our own tower, we used "yes" in many different languages to remind us of how God confused the language of the people. They worked well as a team and made a tower to the ceiling. We also decided to begin Lexy's French lessons. She recieved "Hooked on French" last year for her birthday. She wants to learn French, because Madeline speaks French. This was a great week to start with talking about where the different language originated from. We plan on doing 1 or 2 French lessons per week. (By the way, if you didn't see the post about Lexy's Madeline ParTea and Josiah's Handy Manny Party, be sure to check it out!)

A note about Tot School: I haven't done well with updating on what Josiah has been up to. As you can tell from the pictures, he joins in with us with all that he can. He also spends a lot of time reading books and playing puzzles. Every once in a while we'll throw in a lapbook. Once he officially starts preschool in the Fall, I'll try to do better. For now, I'm not stressing about the planning and just having fun with him!


Lisa @ Our Country Road said...

I like your tree through the year picture idea! Good luck with the French lessons.

Our Family for His Glory said...

Sounds like you had such a great week! The hearts turned out beautifully! :)

Kristin said...

Great post! I like your idea about your tree through the year. We don't have any seasons so I'm jealous! ;)

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