Thursday, March 17, 2011

LHFHG - Unit 1 (Kindergarten)

Tomorrow, we will finish up our first unit in Little Hearts for His Glory! Our first two weeks of Kindergarten have been wonderful! I originally intended to do a unit per week. However, after the first day, I decided to go half speed for a while for several reasons:

1. Lexy is still not quite 5. She "technically" isn't Kindergarten age until Fall. LHFHG's suggested age range is 5-7. I do not want finish it up too early and not be ready for the next level.

2. Although I think she is learning a lot now, I think she will get more out of "History for Little Pilgrims" once she is a little older. I'd like to take is slowly so that she can get as much out of it as possible. Perhaps, we'll pick up to full speed in the Fall.

3. Lexy's favorite subject is Science. The Science is a little light and going half speed allows me to add to it...maybe do some lapbooks, check out some extra library books, and spend more time on the science concepts.

4. Going half speed allows us more flexiblity. Both kids are still so young. We want to enjoy free play time as much as possible...lots of days outside - just being kids!

With that said...I have loved using this curriculum. It is a very easy, open and go format. However, I can add to it as much as I'd like. Also, the activities are fun for BOTH kids! Here's a peak into our first unit.

Focus: The Beginning of History


In LHFHG Bible stories are integrated with history stories. This week, we began with Creation. We are still doing our Bible time in the evenings so that Daddy can be involved with it. The weather was so nice this week, we were even able to do it outside some!

They've enjoyed the fun games that have gone along with the Bible readings.

To go along with our units, I've put together a Bible Basket for the kids to use in the mornings. While I'm doing my Bible study, they can use their own Bible basket. I plan to change it up every two weeks. For this unit, I included their picture Bible turned to the Creation story, Bible coloring pages, a creation felt scene, and a kid's worship cd.

They had an art project to reinforce the concept of Jesus at the center of history.

As part of "Learning Through History" each unit has a rhyme to learn. This unit, the rhyme dealt with all the continents that God made. I found a world map at the dollar store and cut it up into the 7 continents.

They would leap, walk, swing, hop, waddle, stomp, etc. to each of the continents. By the end of the unit, Lexy is now able to recognize the continents. After the rhyme, she likes to "put the world back together."

Also, on our art table, our extra material for the week was clay. They enjoyed making their own creations!

As a final activity to go along with this Bible story, I'm planning on making the Creation Concoction listed on the last page in this lesson with the kids this weekend. Fun!

Memory Verse: The memory verse this unit was Matthew 19:14: "Jesus said, 'Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the Kingdom of Heaven belongs to such as these." We played the suggested games to help the kids memorize this. Even Josiah was able to say it! The last activity was to think of a way to share this verse with someone. Lexy decided that since it was about children she wants to share it with her Sunday School class at church on Sunday :)
I'm eagerly awaiting "All About Reading" to come out in April. For the time being, we are using Reading Made Easy. So far, most of what we've done has been review. Lexy's not crazy about the lessons, and I really want her to enjoy learning to read. We took a break one day and just played some games to go along with the word families that she was working on. She decided to write some words on the board. Although her handwriting needs some help, she did a great job!


Our focus was on the world that God made. There favorite part was talking about light! We read Lexy's science book with flashlights in the dark. We also played a game with Daddy. The kids were the sun (holding flashlights) and Daddy was the earth. Each time he made it around the sun, they sang Happy Birthday to the earth. Another favorite activity was flashlight tag. I don't think I'll ever outgrow that game!

We also talked about land and sea creatures. We looked and read about different ones and again did the suggested activities.


In addition to the songs and activities listed in LHFHG, Lexy takes a Harmony Road music class. This is her 4th semester, and she is learning so much. As part of our home assignment last week, she practiced writing the notes do, re, mi, fa, so, and la. She's now able to play songs with these notes in them. She also likes drawing treble clefs :)


I really debated on whether to skip the Early Bird math. At the start of Kindergarten, Lexy is able to count to 100 (sometimes with some mistakes). She can do simple addition and subtraction. However, I decided to go ahead and do the Early Bird. I'm glad I did. I really want her to build up confidence and not be scared of math. Plus, these first few lessons have had a lot of practice with writing the numbers. Her least favorite and most difficult subject is handwriting. This extra practice has really helped.

I'm really enjoying all the extra activities that the guide suggests to go along with the Singapore book.

Lexy and Josiah both made their own number books with die-cuts.

She practiced forming numbers.

She liked teaching her little brother the numbers 1-5.

As an extra activity, we graphed the marshmallows in Lucky Charms for St. Patrick's Day.

Lexy has really enjoyed reading about Reddy Fox. Her favorite activity was writing a letter to Reddy to warn him against being so bold. She wanted to actually mail it. Thankfully, I remembered to get it out of the mailbox before the mailman saw "To Reddy Fox in Green Forest."

Just Being a Kid:

I love watching my kids play and use their imaginations. We recently went to a Dock Dog Competion. Apparently, it's still in Lexy's mind. I found her playing "dock dogs." She was really creative in using several different wooden toys to form her own dock and pool. So cute!

Decorating cupcakes for St. Patrick's Day

Life School:

We recently implemented a new chore chart. I'll post more about that later. Lexy has certain chores that are required of her, and some that she can do to earn extra money. We're using that to talk to her about giving and saving. She loves doing extra chores. Mopping is not one of her chores, but she's been begging me to mop. Finally, I decided to let her try. She did such a great job and was so proud of herself after finishing! Obviously, there were some spots missed, but I can always go back and get those!

Be sure to check back in a few days to see what Josiah's been up to in Tot School!

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Crisc said...

Sounds like an awesome week =)

Shannon said...

Great ideas here! Thanks for sharing.

Our Family for His Glory said...

What wonderful weeks!! I LOVE the Bible basket idea, & all the fun that you are having with "Little Hearts"!!

Erin said...

Awesome week! Looks like your news curriculum is a great fit!

I love the mopping picture. We just got a new chore chart and I am amazed at the chores my son begs to do. Whatever makes them happy, right?

Annie Moffatt said...

So much FUN! I love your approach. We are eager for the All about Reading program too! You might like some of the printables for sight words and minibooks on my site.

jess_hak said...

What a fantastic week! We just got our K curriculum in the mail (Winter Promise - Animal Worlds) and I am soooo excited, I will probably not be able to wait until the fall to start! lol

JoyofLearning said...

Hi, I just joined the HOD message board and saw your post of what you were doing this week. We just started HOD also and completed our 3rd week. It is awesome to see you post pictures of things we have recently done. My daughter is also 4 yrs old and we were struggling with some of the same questions about whether to start with Early bird math. I started primary 1A but then decided to go with the Early bird B. I still wonder if we should have gone back to A for the extra handwriting practice as that is my daughter's least favorite subject. I'm also debating going half speed for similar reasons. It is encouraging to know there are other families out there doing the same things (except I have not been creative enough to create a blog). I'll have to check back for other ideas.

3G=Growing Godly Girlz said...

Hi, Just wanted to say thank you for your comments on my post today:) I see you are also starting LHFHG! We have recently begun using it as well! I will certainly be following you.

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