Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Our Summer Bucket List

I've read several blogs with Summer Bucket Lists and thought this would be a good idea for us to do. With all of our ideas actually written down, I will be more accountable to actually trying to accomplish them. My plan is to print out a picture of a sand bucket and type/write all of our ideas on them. As we do them, the kids can cross them off.

Here is what we have so far....

1. Sprinkler play (multiple times)
2. Picnics
3. Make our own ice cream
4. Holiday Park
5. Holiday World and Slashin Safari
6. Zoo (multiple times)
7. Camping Trip
8. Children's Museum (multiple times)
9. Traders Point Creamery
10. Cabin Trips
11. Perry Park
12. Franklin Community Pool
13. Fireworks
14. Swimming (lots)
15. Catch Lightning bugs
16. Visit a State Park
17. Putt-Putt (???)
18. Toy Story 3 with Lexy
19. Bouncer Town
20. Fly Kites
21. Berry Picking
22. Indians Game


Lisa said...

Great List!! Have a fun summer!

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