Thursday, May 13, 2010

Human Body: Muscles

There is not much to share about our study of muscles. Most of our learning came through reading, looking at pictures in books, and short discussions.

We also watched a short video from There is a whole section on "How the Body Works." We watched the section on muscles. It is definitely geared toward older kids, but Lexy still enjoyed watching it. For some reason it will not let me link to it, or I would


I showed Lexy how to "make a muscle." She put one hand on her bicep and flexed. By doing this, she was able to feel her muscle with her other hand.

Then, we also took turns looking at the muscles in our legs. While wearing shorts, I stood on my tiptoes so that she could see the muscle at work in my calf. Then, she did the same.

We also took some time to stretch our muscles. Her favorite part, by far, was exercising her muscles!
Lessons learned about muscles:

1. Muscles are attached to bones by tendons.
2. We use muscles every time we move.
3. Some muscles are voluntary - we have to make them move.
4. Other muscles work without us doing anything - like our heart.
5. Our muscles become stronger the more we use them.

Other lessons on the Human Body:

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Anonymous said...

Muscles are fun since you the child can actually feel them at work. Thanks for the top on the Kid's Health site.

Whiteboard Workshop said...

Muscles are great fun. I like your lessons learned section. Thanks for sharing

Natalie PlanetSmarty said...

Great unit on muscles. Anna keeps asking me if the meat we eat is actually animal's muscles. Umm - kind of. Almost makes me want to become a vegetarian.

Debbie said...

Great study of the muscles! I am going to have to save this post for ideas when we start talking about the human body.

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