Thursday, May 20, 2010

My God and Me: God Made Animals

Raising Rock Stars

I'm a little late in posting our Bible update this week, but better late than never! Last week was our 2nd week using My God and Me, and we are loving it. It has been so nice to have lessons to follow and ideas to pick from. It has made planning so much easier! Both of the kids are enjoying the wide variety of activities.

Lessson: God Made Animals

Memory Verse: God saw all that He had made, and it was very good. Genesis 1:31. Lexy and Josiah have both been working on the verses. Josiah doesn't quite get the whole verse out, but he says words of them.

A Little Taste of God's Love: For our recipe this week, Lexy helped make pigs in a blanket. She rolled out the biscuits, placed cheese on them, and cut 1/2 a hotdog for each one. Then she rolled them up.


We used legos to build a zoos.

Active Game:

Alex printed pictures of animals. The kids took turns (not willingly) throwing bean bags onto the animals. Then, they would walk in a circle around the animals acting out whichever animal their bean bag had landed on.

Bible Story and Activity Page: Each day we read the Bible story from a different source (Children's Bible, NIV Bible, Bible Story Page, etc). They also colored a picture of elephants drinking. For the water, we cut up Nuudles and they placed them on the paper.


kewkew said...

I never heard of Nuudles before. I looked on Amazon and think I found it. Looks fun!
We also vary where we read our Bible story from. We have a couple of different books and the Bible of course. Love the active game. We are almost done with our stories of creation (my felt lesson book divided creation week into 3 separate weeks). Perhaps we should have done some other activities like you did through the day. We are working on a lapbook though. Hoping to post about it soon.

Mandy said...

We found the Nuudles at the United Art and Education. I'm sure they probably carry it at other teacher supply stores. I'm looking forward to reading your post about your lapbook.

Rebecca said...

Pigs in a blanket- what a good idea! I like the bean bag idea as well.

Jolanthe said...

The bean bag idea is great! :)

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