Sunday, February 28, 2010

Weeks 3-4 - A Snake in the House!

Well, I'm already running behind on the blog due to trips out of town. So this will be a quick catch up on the past two weeks. I'm also running low on pictures, because our camera batteries were not charged. Hopefully, I'll get back into the swing of things this week.

Week 3: A Snake in our House!

Bible Story: The Fall of Man - Since we were studying Adam and Eve, I borrowed a snake from my brother and sister-in-law. Each night, we tell the Bible story in a different way. We listen to it from "The Singing Bibe", read a children's story Bible, tell the story with felt, etc. One night, as we were telling the story, Alex let the snake crawl on him. Throughout the week, we would get it out to observe or talk about. This also tied into Science, because both kids were very interested.

Memory Verse: Psalm 119:11

Science: Snakes and Fruit that grows on trees.=

Phonemic Awareness: auditory discrimination - listened for words that were the same and different. we made this into a game. Rhyming - I would pause and let Peaknucke fill in a rhyming word.

Phonics: Each week from here through the rest of the "school year" we will review a letter and it's sound that corresponds with our Bible story for the week. This week was "A" for "apple". Yes, I know that we don't know for sure what fruit Adam ate, but it still ties in. We learn a song for each letter of the alphabet to help remember the sound that the letter makes. We also do a letter art project for each letter.

Alex also worked with Peaknuckle on Hooked on Phonics computer games.


We continued reviewing numerals 0-9 by playing a card game called "Happy Apple."

We opened up apples, counted the seeds and made apple prints with them.

We placed apples (pom poms) on trees according the number tree.

We also worked some on "Hooked on Math"

Calendar/Circle Time:

Continued working on months, day, year. We observed the weather. We also worked on the spelling of her full name and writing each name with capital letters for the first letter/lowercase for the rest. We've also been working on our phone number.

Science Art:

We made scratch and sniff pictures by painting fruit shapes with a mixture of water and kool-aid


tumbling, piano lessons, lots of reading, prayer, inside/outside free play, imagination station art, etc.

Week 4:

Bible Story: Noah

Memory Verse: Psalm 119:11

Calendar/Circle Time: Same


Made a zoo using animal foamie stickers. Each cage had a numeral showing how many animals to place in each cage. We practiced simple addition with this.

Newspaper Numerals- we drew a number out of a bag and hunted for that number in the newspaper. then we would draw a circle around it.

Simple dot-to-dot pictures

Phonics: B for "boat" , sorted letters uppercase and lowercase, decorated letters, hooked on phonics, letter people

So this is a very quick snapshot on what we have covered over the past two weeks.

Observing the snake...which later was lost in our furniture!
Observing the snake...which later was lost in our furniture!

cutting, sorting, gluing uppercase and lowercase bs
cutting, sorting, gluing uppercase and lowercase bs

apple math
apple math

Bean enjoys playing with the manipulatives
Bean enjoys playing with the manipulatives


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