Sunday, February 28, 2010

Week 2 - ..."My grace is sufficient for thee..."

2 Corinthians 12:9 says, "He said unto me, 'My grace is sufficient for thee: for my strength is made perfect in weakness.'" His Word has proven true in my life again this week. My body has been weak, my emotions drained, and my faith stretched thin; yet, through my weakness, God has shown Himself strong. It is a difficult task to continue mothering through sickness; however, my childrens' needs do not cease when I'm under the weather. On the contrary, they seem to intensify (go figure). Each day, I sought the Lord for the patience and perseverance that I needed to accomplish what He would have me accomplish that day. Not everything on my agenda was checked off, and sometimes I failed on the patience side; but looking back over the week, I see God's work in our family. Here is a little glimpse of our week...


We continued with the date and weather. We've also been working on patterning with the number dates. This month were doing a simple AB pattern. We've also been counting the number of days that are left until Papa's and Mommy's birthday.


Days 4-7 of creation. Peaknuckle continued working on her creation book. We sang songs about God's creation. Bean loves song time! Peaknuckle has her memory verse memorized: "In the beginning, God 'wreated' the heavens and the earth."


We reviewed numbers 4-7 to go along with the day of creation. We used simple rhymes to help Peaknuckle remember how to write the letter. She practiced writing numbers on her wipe of board and in cream cheese. She sorted numbers to match the picture with the corresponding number of animals on it.

Alex even got in on the homeschool planning. He came up with a counting game for Peaknuckle to play outside...running the number of sidewalk blocks away that he called. Way to go, Alex!


We observed the sun setting and talked about how this happens...a little over her head, but she was interested. She described the colors that she saw as the sun set.

We stayed up past bedtime to observe the stars. Peaknuckle noticed one very bright star. I told her that I thought it may be a plane. We waited to see if it would get closer to us. When it didn't seem to be moving, she said, "I think it's a broken plane." Later, it flew over us.

Sorted animals that fly from animals that swim. (Day 5 of Creation)


Husked corn, made pizza and brownies, and helped with everyday chores in the kitchen.

Phonemic Awareness:

Creation clothespin game. Same or different.


First tumbling lesson: Peaknuckle is sometimes hesitant to try new things, and she is not naturally an active girl. She prefers to stay inside and play baby dolls or read books. These things are good, but I want her to find something active that she enjoys doing. She loved tumbling! The teacher made this very age appropriate and fun for the class. She is already looking forward to next week!

Music class: Continued working on prereading music skills, keyboard readiness, and pitch. She was also introduced to several new instruments. When I asked her about the class, she said she likes it and wants to learn to play the piano.

Writing: She worked on writing numbers and letters. She enjoys using her wipe off board and does pretty well with forming the letters and numbers. I get very frustrated, however, with her grip. No matter what I say, she holds the pencil full fisted. Lately, I've chosen to ignore this so that I don't frustrate her and make her not want to write. I'll be happy to hear anyone's advice on this!

Bean's Accomplishment!

We've worked some on colors...mainly just using colors in our language alot as we talk with him. We've read books about colors. He's really into books now! Alex was reading a book that had blocks of colors in it. Alex asked him to point to the colors and he correctly identified them! Yay bean!

Here's some pictures of our week:

Practicing writing on her wipe off board
observing the stars
observing the stars

Bean paintingsorting numbers
Bean painting

husking corn
husking corn

Creating a sun for Day 4

sorting numbers - the chocolate on her face came from making brownies with daddy. she dressed herself after swimming...this explains the backwards shirt.
sorting numbers


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