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2012-2013 Curriculum and “Schedule”

It has been over SIX months since I’ve posted a blog!  We’re still here and doing what we do.  I just decided to take the pressure off of myself and not blog after our newest little blessing arrived!  It is so hard to believe that Schuyler is 5 months old already!

His BEAUTIFUL newborn pictures were taken by my friend, Falynn Dial (

After taking a much needed break from schooling (and just about everything else), we are back in session.  We began our new school year on Friday, July 20!  Alexis is now in First Grade and Josiah is in Preschool.  Here are a few shots of their first day.

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2012-07-20 09.09.28
2012-07-20 09.10.21
2012-07-20 09.11.33

Our first week went very well!  I was a little nervous about starting back and trying to get into a new routine with an infant around.  However, it feels great to get back into a routine.  Here is how our day lines up now. Other than beginning our day,  I will not be putting set times for our schedule, because it only frustrates me when I can’t stick to it. 

Our Schedule

6-7 – My time to get ready, have quiet time, feed the baby
7 – wake up Alexis and Josiah
7-8 – Breakfast, Bible, Chores
8 – School Begins

For now, my mom has been coming over to help with the baby while I do the morning school time.  Schuyler is not much of a napper.  Until I get him napping better, she helps out so I can have focused time with the other two.

Alexis’s Language Arts with me / Josiah’s workboxes – While I do phonics, reading, spelling and grammar with Lexy, Josiah has 4-5 workboxes that he can work on quietly by himself.  He loves having his own work!  I switch up his boxes daily to make them exciting for him.

Josiah’s Preschool/ Lexy’s Workboxes – I spend about30-45 minutes working with Josiah.  During this time, Lexy does her workboxes.  They include her Calendar/Math notebook, Handwriting book, Copy work, and whatever else goes along with our lessons for the day.

Lexy’s Math/ Josiah quiet play time – While I work with Alexis on her Math, Josiah plays quietly.

BREAK!  I love that we have plenty of time for the kids to have a break during the day.  A couple times a week, I will let them have 20 minutes of this time for the Ipad or computer games that I pick out for them.  Then, they play…together!  Another thing that I love about homeschooling is that my kids are the best of friends!  This break is usually about an hour to an hour and a half.


Reading – I read a chapter from our read-aloud book (currently, The Trumpet of the Swan).  Then, the kids read for about 20 minutes by themselves on their beds.

Geography/Science/Music/Cooking – FUN – our afternoons are for our “crafty” and “fun” school things.  I’ll post more about what we’ve been up to soon.

On Thursday afternoons, Lexy’s piano teacher comes.

Josiah usually takes about a 2 hour nap in the afternoons. However, I’ve been letting him stay up some to participate in some of our afternoon activities.

So, what are we using this year????

Alexis’s First Grade Curriculum

Language Arts – Rod and Staff Bible Nurture Series Phonics and Reading ; All About Spelling Level 2; First Language Lessons 1; Copywork

I’ve been a little unsure of what to do in the area of phonics.  Lexy’s reading has really taken off over the summer. She LOVES reading and spends at least an hour most days on her bed with books.   I’m not sure if I skip these lessons since she’s figuring it out on her own, or continue with them anyways. 

Math – Rightstart Math B

Geography – Expedition Earth with Galloping the Globe

Science – Whatever goes along with our country studies…animals, volcanoes, etc.  I will use ideas from Expedition Earth and Galloping the Globe, along with pulling ideas from the web, library books, etc.

Music – piano lessons; Coloring The Classics. We will also read library books from the different composers that we study.

Art – not yet determined

Bible – ABC Bible verses, My ABC Worship songs (more on those later), Character Concepts for Preschoolers 94-7 year olds) from the Learning Parent

Co-op – Our Co-op will be studying animals the first semester and pioneers the second semester.  We will also be involved in the library homeschooling program and learning about Space!

Other – Alexis will participate in American Heritage Girls this year as well.

Josiah’s Preschool Curriculum

Before Five in a Row
All About Reading Pre-Level 1

I have been combining these two curriculum and pulling together my own “Letter of the Week” type approach.  I have not been using the All About Reading in the order that is suggested.  Instead, for each letter of the alphabet, I have chosen a BFIAR book (or another book if there isn’t one that I like to match the letter) and we do the 3 AAR lessons that go with that letter (Uppercase, Lowercase and the Sound lesson).  I also pull ideas from COAH, Homeschool Share, Homeschool Creations, and my own ideas.  Here is our Before Five in a Row/ Letter of the Week book list:

A – Agnus Lost
B – Blueberries for Sal
C – Caps for Sal
D – Make Way for Ducklings
E – Horton Hatches the Egg (one of my all-time favorite books!)
F – Rainbow Fish
G – The Big Green Pocketbook
H – A House for Hermit Crab
I – undecided
J- Jesse Bear, What will you Wear?
K – Katy and the Big Snow
L – Lentil
M – When I was Young in the Mountains
N – The Napping House
O- Owl Moon
P – Peter Rabbit
Q – The Quiet Way Home
R – Miss Rumphius
S – Mike Mulligan and the Steam Shovel
T – Corduroy (Teddy Bear)
U – Undecided
V – Very Last First Time
W – Where the Wild Things Are
X – undecided
Y – Undecided
Z – Undecided

That just about covers it!  I am very excited about this year!


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