Monday, October 10, 2011

Nature Study–Outdoor Hour Challenge #1

I have been very guilty lately of staying indoors way too much with the kids. Maybe it was the HOT summer or the nausea of pregnancy, but I just did not feel like venturing outdoors! However, after debating on what more we could do with our Science studies, I was encouraged by a friend to just keep it simple…Get outdoors and explore. What more do Kindergarteners and preschoolers need than to touch, feel, and listen to learn about the wonderful world God created!

I downloaded the Handbook of Nature Study and decided to participate in the weekly Outdoor Challenges as a way to get us outside. The blog suggested to start with the first 5 challenges and then to join up with them when those are finished. So, we started with Challenge #1. It was simple…Spend time outside. There was no agenda or questions to ask. After coming back inside, we were to talk about all that we saw and decide on one thing that we’d like to learn more about.

Well, our one time outside ended up turning into multiple adventures this week. We spent time at a local park, at the cabin, and in the backyard. We had TONS of fun and had lots to talk about!

At the Park

Lexy loves digging in the dirt!

SepOct11 092

Of course, we had to make time for the playground!

SepOct11 091

A hollow tree…who could use this???

SepOct11 105

Watching and listening

SepOct11 125

Another hole…this time I think I see something!

SepOct11 128

Why would a tree grow like this? It’s a lot of fun to pretend like it’s a horse!

SepOct11 131


SepOct11 127

After a good day of playing and exploring at the park, what could be better than an apple cider slushie from the orchard!

SepOct11 133

At the Cabin

There’s always plenty of time for just playing outside.

october2011 049

Hiking the trails and exploring the woods

october2011 064

What will we see if we take a boat ride?

october2011 073


october2011 076

Lexy wanted to hold one.

october2011 082

We took a little ride over to “turtle mountain.” Where are all the turtles? Have they already started digging themselves down in the mud?

october2011 084

Time for a little fishingoctober2011 089

Lexy caught one!

october2011 096

It wouldn’t be Fall without a wagon ride!

october2011 057

Phew, this is exhausting!october2011 070

In the Backyard

What’s this…Josiah needs to investigate it with a magnifying glass.

october2011 105

Wow, there are lots of them all over the yard!

october2011 106

It’s a black walnut! Let’s get the outer layer off first.

october2011 112october2011 110

Then, we can crack it open to find the nut.

october2011 107

Some of them were too hard. We’ll have to let them dry out for a few days. We learned that black walnuts sure are messy!

october2011 113

Time to jump in the leaves with Mamaw!

october2011 115

Has anyone seen Josiah?october2011 124


october2011 132

SO…In Conclusion:

1. We decided that we want to learn more about fresh water jelly fish. Why are they there? Where did they come from…they weren’t there last year. How are they different from the jelly fish we saw at the beach a few weeks ago?

2. Nature Study is lots of fun! We will be getting outdoors much more often!

Be sure to see what others are doing at the Preschool Corner and 5K too!


Barb-Harmony Art Mom said...

Welcome to the OHC! It looks like you made lots of room for exploring and enjoying being outside together. Awesome freshwater jellyfish and I think they are the perfect subject to learn a bit more about with maybe some library books or a field guide? I really loved seeing all your photos and I look forward to seeing your next challenge. :)

Thanks for sharing your link!

Dorie said...

Isn't it amazing how just spending time outside noticing and observing nature leads us to learn or begin to inquire? I am always amazed at what our children see and ask about while we are outside.

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