Thursday, April 14, 2011

Kindergarten - LHFHG Unit 3

Focus: Abraham and His Descendents We are moving right along in our Kindergarten studies. Both kids have been enjoying the many hands on activities that go along with our Bible themes. I'm so glad that I can include Josiah in a good portion of what we do. Our mornings are spent playing together and doing the science or art projects that he can be involved in. While he takes his nap, Lexy does the rest of her school.

Science: After reading about Jacob and Esau one day, we did a science experiment about our sense of smell (Esau smelled the good food and wanted to eat it). They took turns matching scents on q-tips with the bottle that it came from.

Phonics: Lexy has been working through Reading Made Easy. Between lessons (every other day), we play games to review. She enjoys reviewing with Happy Phonics, but I've also found many games online to print off. Refined Metals Academy has a great list of resources! This week we reviewed some word families. Lexy loves to play this foot game. We play it many different ways. Sometimes she just matches the pictures to the correct foot. Othertimes, she will run and jump on the foot of the picture I hold up. She loves to get up and move around! Sometimes, she spells words out with magnets to review. Singapore Math: Although we've been moving at half speed in the LHFHG guide, we're plugging away with math at full speed. The Kindergarten book has all been review for Lexy at this point; however, it has been a great foundation for her. We've been enjoying using many different kinds of manipulatives for the lessons. Here is one of Lexy's favorites: These fries are made out of sponges. Who wouldn't like to do math with McDonald's fries??? We keep our lessons short. Much of their learning comes through play. So, most of our day is spent playing. Lexy likes making pictures out of shapes with Josiah's Haba Geo Shape Tak Zap. Josiah just likes hammering in the nails!

The majority of the day, this is how you'll find Josiah! He loves his books! Notice his book shelf is a complete disaster. I straighten it about once a week, but it's hopeless! He's my little bookworm for sure! Time Outdoors I have been reading bits and pieces of Charlotte Mason's Original Homeschool Series. One particular quote has stood out to me: "In this time of extraordinary pressure, educational and social, perhaps a mothers first duty to her children is to secure for them a quiet and growing time, a full six years of passive receptive life, the waking part of it for the most part spent out in the fresh air." I loved that phrase, "a quiet and growing time." That's what I want for my children. I've been challenged to slow down and allow them this time to grow quietly. I'm also trying to get them out in nature as much as possible. Over the weekend, we had the opportunity to visit Mama and Papa's cabin. They had a wonderful time outdoors being kids! Lexy made sure to check on Papa's Apple Orchard!
She was amazed by this tree that had been uprooted during a winter storm. She was fascinated by the size of the roots.
They're loving their new rain boots! Walking and splashing in the creek is so much fun! There is also lots to find!

Josiah's favorite activity of the weekend was splashing around on the dock that had been flooded from all the rain.
My favorite...
I don't know any two kids that love to play in the dirt more! They can spend hours digging and playing together. It's a funny thing...when they're outside playing together, they're not fighting!

I'm hoping to start our Easter Nature Study from NaturExplorers this weekend!

We actually finished up Unit 3 a little early this week to begin our Easter focus. Other than Math and Phonics, we're taking a break from our normal school to do our 12 days of Easter! So far, it's been lots of fun! I hope to post about our first few days this weekend.


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