Thursday, September 30, 2010

Our Weekly Board and Schedule

I'm not quite ready to write my preschool and tot school updates for the week considering we still have more to do tomorrow. So, I thought I'd take some time to share about our Weekly Board and daily schedule. I always enjoy reading how other families organize or schedule their weeks.

Weekly Board

We just started using our weekly board at the beginning of this school year. It is still a work in progress, but here is what we have so far.

We keep our board in the kitchen rather than the school room. This allows us to review the contents on the board several times throughout the day. We switch out the board every weekend to get ready for the upcoming week. Currently, we have sections for the color of the week (Josiah), our memory verse, letters to review, sight word, vowel sound blend cards, Bible Story picture, and a poem/song that goes with our theme of the week. I stick with a theme for two weeks and use it for preschool and tot school. Our theme for this week is leaves. Depending on the morning, I may place an activity on the table in front of the board for them to do as I get breakfast ready. On the day the picture was taken, there were die-cut leaves to sort by color, type, etc.

I plan on adding a section for Missions/Geography. I am working on getting things together to teach about a specific country for about a month. I would like to put up a picture of missionaries or children from that country to pray for the entire month.

Our Weekly/Daily Schedule

Our schedule is very flexible. We try to stick to a general routine on days that we stay home; however, if it doesn't seem to be working on a particular day, we scratch it and go with something else.

A typical day looks something like this:

7:30 - Josiah wakes. I hear his light flip on and he grabs some books and gets back in bed.

8:00 - Lexy wakes. They watch Curious George while I get a few things done.

8:30 - Breakfast. They play or do an activity at the little table while I get breakfast ready. Somedays, they help with the preparation. We read a devotion from our preschool devotional book and review our memory verse while eating.

9:00 - Morning Chores. Get dressed, brush teeth, brush hair, make bed.

9:30 - Calendar, prayer, hymn. Lexy and Josiah have been learning hymns at BSF so we've decided to add one to our morning routine.

9:15 - Tot School activities and/or Weekly theme activities. These activities are always play type learning that Josiah would enjoy as well. We also review items on the board and read our color book of the week.

9:45 - Play, Play, Play! We spend the rest of the morning playing together. I take short periods to throw in the laundry, clean, etc.

11:30 - lunch preparation. I try to involve them in getting lunch ready.

12:00 - lunch

12:30 - We usually take this time to read for a while before Josiah takes a nap

1:00 - Josiah's nap. Lexy and I do preschool together. She chooses 2-3 workboxes to work on with me and then completes her phonics book.

2:00- Quiet time. Lexy and I both take quiet time for ourselves.

3:00 - Josiah wakes up. Depending on the weather, we may take a walk/bike ride, etc. Play outside.

4:30 - Dinner preparation. Again, try to include the kids.

5:00 - Daddy comes home! I finish dinner. He plays with kids.

5:30 - Dinner

6:00 - Evening Chores. I clean up the kitchen from dinner while Alex helps the kids clean their rooms and straighten the house.

6:30 - play, family walk, outing, bath

8:00 - Snack Bible Time

8:30 - Bed

Some other things included in our week:

Monday evening - Lexy's piano lessons

Tuesday Morning - BSF

Tuesday Evening - Library classes

Wednesday evening - Church

Thursday mornings twice a month - MOPS

That's basically it. Again, we are not sticklers with time. This is just a general idea what a day in our home may look like. To see what other families do with their preschoolers, be sure to check out Preschool Corner.


Melissa N. said...

Love the board and that fact that it's in the kitchen! Great job!

Anonymous said...

I love reading how other people have their days scheduled :-) What a great schedule you have worked out out :-)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing your schedule. My older one does the same thing in the morning...pick a book to read. A few times I hear her little feet go to our front room and turn on the laptop to play her letter games. =p

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