Monday, September 20, 2010

Josiah's First Week Of Tot School

Tot School

Josiah was very excited about starting his first week of tot school. I've decided to start with focusing on colors. He is able to sort and identify colors; however, he uses the name of the Sesame Street character to identify the color rather than the actual color name. So, we're working on those color names. This week our focus was on apples and the color red.

Fall Sensory Tub: Josiah enjoyed using his new magnifying glass with the Fall sensory tub. It includes walnuts, acorns, pinecones, hickory nuts, and fake leaves.

Tot School Play Boxes

To read more about how we do workboxes, read this post. This week, Josiah's playboxes included:

1. Building - Magneatos
2. Puzzle - Number Train
3. Building - Road track and cars
4. Imaginative Play - Dinosaurs
5. Fine Motor - Lacing Cards
6. Other - Drill Set

Some pictures of him "play learning."

The Color Red
One of his favorite activities right now is to draw. A plain piece of paper and a few writing utensils and he's happy!
He sorted big and little die-cut crayons.

We went on a red scavenger hunt around the neighborhood. They enjoyed riding in the red wagon and using the red pointer to point at red things.

Other red activities included:
1. Playing with colored beanbags. Games such as: find the red ones, throw them into a basket, put the red beanbag on your head/etc.
2. A red collage - sorry I failed to get a picture of it
3. Making and eating red jello
4. Reading books about red - The Color Red, The Big Red Tub, The Little Red Hen, etc.

A Trip to the Apple Orchard
My little buddy was morn concerned about eating his apple cider slushie with his hands than with picking apples. He had fun using the apples he picked to paint!

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