Sunday, May 9, 2010

A Mother's Day Tradition

This Mother's Day marked our 2nd annual "Operation Plant the Garden." Lexy has been looking forward to this for several weeks. I'd have to say, that I have been looking forward to it too. It is fun to get the whole family involved in the planting, watch it grow, and reap the benefits (salsa!) this summer!

Of course, Lexy wants to know why we can't plant a garden like this in our own backyard. I'm not sure if my excuse is good enough for her. I'm simply not up to keeping up with a garden. We very much enjoy helping with Mamaw and Papaws garden...and they generously share with us!

While waiting for the planting to begin, Lexy and Mamaw weeded other areas of the yard.

"Man's work..."
Last year, Lexy enjoyed the digging and planting. This year, watering was way more fun. As soon as a plant was in the ground, she was there with the watering can.

Stepping on the big shovel was fun, though.


Everyone's got a job to do!

Watering...again...with Daddy.

Josiah slept through the gardening; however, he woke up and got to see baby birds in a nest.

Can't have all work with no play!

Corn Hole competition

A little driver's ed in Papaw's cars...

I couldn't have asked for a better Mother's Day!


Unknown said...

I love your mothers'day tradition. What a fun day!!

Ticia said...

what a cool tradition! I have to admit I was never very good at getting plants done until I had kids, and I'm still not super good at keeping them alive.

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