Thursday, May 20, 2010

Kid Quotes: Josiah Edition

This is my first Josiah quote!

While riding home from church last night, Lexy and Josiah were playing "baby and mommy" in the car. Lexy went on and on telling Josiah that he needed to burp. "Go ahead, baby, you really need to burp. You can burp now, baby....Do you have to burp..., etc, etc..." This went on and on for about five minutes with Josiah paying very little attention to her. Then, probably out of annoyance, Josiah spoke in a cute little voice:


Not a real burp, but the actual word, "burp." I know this is one of those stories, that you just had to be there for it to be funny. So, I'm mainly recording this so I won't forget it. Alex, Lexy, and I all bursted out in laughter, which he loved. So, the rest of the way home, Lexy continued to tell him to burp, and he would say "burp" in different voices.


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