Sunday, February 28, 2010

Weeks 5-6

Lego zoo that Peaknuckle created and Bean destroyed
Lego zoo that Peaknuckle created and Bean destroyed

senses game...i couldn't fit it all in the pic
senses game...i couldn't fit it all in the pic

Once again, I can't seem to find the time in the days/weeks to accomplish everything I'm wanting to accomplish so I'm having to play catch up on my weekly summaries. Hopefully someday I can give this blog the attention that I'd like, but for now this will have to suffice.


BIBLE: We talked about God's promise to Abraham and Sarah: The Birth of Isaac. Bible Memory was Luke 1:37 "For nothing is impossible with God." Both of their favorite song this week was Father Abraham.

Letter Focus: Letter C. C was for when God told Abraham to count all the stars in the sky and his descendents would be even more numerous. We learned our Letter C sound song. She decorated her letter c with things to count. Letter people C

Math: Peaknuckle made a "Count the Stars" book. The curriculum we're working with deals mainly with shapes for the next few weeks. Peaknuckle already knows her shapes, so we spent time reviewing them, playing with tangrams, creating things out of shapes, and "helping" Bean learn his shapes...he's not too interested :) We also continued to review numbers by playing Bingo and Happy Apple.

Environmental Print: We made a board to start collecting words that Peaknuckle can already read based on our letter for the week.

Calendar/Circle Time: Month, day, year. Counting the days to vacation. Weather. Prayer. First Steps to Reading/Little C. Full Name recognition. Captital letters at the beginning of each name. Phone number.

Other: Continued working on letter formation. Prayer, lots of books, free play, outside play, imagination station, mops class.


Bible: Jacob and Esau. We made twin felt people to represent Jacob and Esau. We talked about the differences between the two brothers. Discussed a different part of the story each day. One night we made vegetable soup to eat as we talked about the story. Bible Memory Luke 1:37.

Letter Focus: Letter D. Decorated letter D with dot markers and dot craft balls. Letter people D

Science/Health: Talked about the 5 senses God has given us. Played a game matching activites to the sense that it goes with.

Calendar/Circle Time: Same as week 5

Math: Same as week 5

Other: tumbling, prayer, books, free play, outside play, imagination station art.


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