Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Best Letter of the Alphabet!

We have had a blast this week with the letter P!!! The two princesses really enjoyed Princess Week! I'm a little sad to see this week end and move onto letter Q. It just doesn't seem nearly as much fun.

Princess Pancakes

To start off our week, the girls helped me bake some princess pancakes. We put some red food coloring in the batter (this is one time that I was actually happy that red food coloring looks pink). Then we poured the batter into heart-shaped cookie cutters to cook them. After they were finished, we put a little powdered sugar on them (it was a special occassion). They ate every bite of their breakfast!


Princess Dress-Up

Each day, the girls got to dress up as a different princess. This was a huge hit. They even called each other by their princess names for awhile.




We made a store for snack time on a couple of different days. They all received 10 pennies. I labeled the choices with how many pennies each snack cost. I put a few choices in their selection that I wouldn't normally let them have for a snack (juice boxes, gummy snacks, etc). These costs more. As they counted out their pennies to pay me, they had to see how much they had left. They realized that they couldn't buy as much when they got the pricier items. This was a fun activity for them!


They also sorted coins into piles. We discussed how much each coin is worth and made piles of pennies to represent each coin. I'm sure that this doesn't make a whole lot of since right now. I'm just happy for them to know the names of the coins and have been introduced to the concept.

Social Studies

We talked about Police officers. We had a Puppet named Pat that is a Police officer. She talked about her job and they got to ask her questions. I realized that I'm a very poor ventriloquist, but they didn't seem to care. We also read two different books, one fact and one fiction, on Police officers. Then they each got to dress up as a Police officer. We discussed the different parts of the uniform and what they are used for.

Haven't you ever seen a Police Officer with a Paci?
Haven't you ever seen a Police Officer with a Paci?

Lexy has also been praying for the people in Haiti. We found Haiti on the globe. We didn't go into lots of detail because we didn't want to scare her. We let her know that there was an earthquake and lots of people lost their homes and were hurt. She wanted to give them food and build them a house. So, we contacted someone heading up a relief effort to find out ways that we can help.


I got out Lexy's Clickstart computer and let them play her new Princess games that she got for Christmas. We hadn't opened them yet, so it was new and exciting.



My science plans failed miserably this week. I found a neat idea about polishing pennies. My plans were to put 3 bowls on the table (a mixture of vinegar and salt, ketchup, and a bowl of soap and water). They could experiment and see which bowl shines the pennies the best. However, Lexy could not stand the smell of the vinegar, so the project didn't get completed. Better luck next week!


The girls decorated Ps with polka dots. They did their Letter P collages from Homeschool Creations. I also gave them a box filled with polka-dots, pom poms, popsicle sticks, and various other supplies. This is what they came up with.


P Party

Lexy helped me Plan her P Party. She wanted Pizza and Popcorn. We also made Paper bag Puppets, Painted, and had a Puppet show. She absolutely LOVES parties! She is always pretending it is someones birthday and plannig parties. So when I let her plan her own P Party, for real, she was thrilled. She decorated with the polka dots that we had left from her 3rd birthday party. She had a polka-dot party and we have so many polka dots that we'll be using them for art projects forever!



Letter P week wouldn't have been complete without a picnic!


P Parade

We ended our week with a P Parade. They filled the wagon with everything that they could find that starts with P. Their patience ran out looking for things, because they were so anxious to get started with their parade. But, they came up with Pizza (melissa and doug), potato, princess dolls, Pat the Police officer, puppy, pony, pan, and polka-dots. They dressed as princesses and waved their letter p flags. They also took turns wearing Lexy's Polka-dot Princess crown from her 3rd birthday party.

We started off the parade in the house, but they were not too impressed. It wasn't much fun taking the wagon down the hallway and the living room and kitchen. So, we piled on blankets and went outside. They waved their flags to any that passed by and proudly sang their P song. It was cute!



Our Bible story this week was the Wise and Foolish Builders...Pound, Pound, Build it well. We used some ideas from Hubbard's Cupboard. They also built their own buildings using the cardboard building blocks that they got for Christmas. These are so much fun. I think we're going to have to get more.


Daily Binder

The daily binder routine is working wonderfully! We've continued working on writing the date. Lexy is able to tell me what tomorrow is each day; however, she struggles with what yesterday was. She has to sing her days of the week song to figure it out.

With the weather graph, we've talked about how we need to look at the sky to determine the weather. Everyday they were wanting to say that it was snowy. The snow was on the ground from over a week ago. So, now they look at the sky to see if it is snowing, cloudy, sunny, raining, etc.

We've continued reviewing the letter sounds with the letter chart.

I'm very excited to add our new devotional to this routine next week. I won the One Year Preschool Devotions 2 from the giveaway at GranolaMom4God!


We read the Letter P First Steps to Reading.

We used the Pocket Chart to sort objects by their letter sounds.

Lexy started ballet!


She made a Prayer Booklet of people/things she wanted to remember to pray for.

We played Puzzles.

We read Gigi God's Little Princess books and watched a Gigi movie (of course, while holding her Gigi doll). Lexy really likes these books.


She listened to her Princess stories on cd as she went to sleep.

We made bracelets, necklaces, rings, and toe rings out of these beads....lots of fun!

We had a fun week. To see what others are doing with their preschoolers, check out the Preschool Corner!


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